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VIDEO: Have you considered Microsoft Teams yet?

Since March we have all used video chat much more. Zoom has become a household name that even your grandma has heard of!

But for business, have you considered Microsoft Teams yet? Our new video explains a few of the great features and reasons why you should.


GUIDE: 4 Signs you're under attack from ransomware!

A ransomware attack is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to your business.

This is the computer attack where a hacker locks you out of your systems and data. And you must pay a ransom, typically in Bitcoin, to get access again.

What most people don’t realise is that hackers access your system weeks before they launch the attack. It takes time for them to set it up, and prevent IT security experts from helping.

So there are signs to look out for – ways to spot if your system has already been breached, and an attack is imminent.

Download our brand new guide and know how to keep your business safe.


VIDEO: Protect yourself from the growing number of 2020 scams

There is no doubt 2020 has been a strange year. But its also been a busy year for scams and hackers looking to take advantage of you and your business.

Our latest video looks at some of the most common scams around this year and provides tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

GUIDE: This is ultimate secret to keeping your business data safe

As business IT professionals, we've seen some things! Things you would never want to encounter in your own organisation.

Using that knowledge our latest educational guide explores the main causes of data breach, the consequences and how to avoid it all. It's an essential read for business owners.

GUIDE: Microsoft Teams V's Zoom

Due to the global pandemic, platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have seen incredible growth in user numbers.

But which one is best? In this article we take a look at the pro's and cons of each to help you decide for yourself!

GUIDE: Ransomware. The fastest growing crime on the Planet

Ransomware; It's the fastest growing crime on the planet, but how can you protect yourself against the ever increasing threat?

In this guide we've outlined the major threats and what YOU can do to reduce your risk of being hit, and what to do next if you are!