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VIDEO: Get yourself a good Password Manager

4th October 2021

Remembering passwords can be a nightmare and hitting 'save password' on your browser might not be the best way to do it.

Our October video explains why a good password manager is important and what you should do to protect your logins whilst making it easy to access your accounts online.

GUIDE: Be Prepared - Sooner or Later your Business WILL be Attacked

4th October 2021

This is a cold hard fact: Ransomware is on the rise.

It is estimated that a business is affected by Ransomware every 14 seconds. Our October Guide goes into detail of what Ransomware is and gives you 5 steps to ensure to maximise your ransomware resilliance.

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VIDEO: So what exactly is Multi-Factor Authentication?

2nd September 2021

Despite Multi-Factor Authentication being an option on thousands of applications, the majority of people still don't use it.

Multi-Factor Authentication can be the key difference in a hacker gaining access to your systems or not.

Our September video explains what Multi-Factor Authetication is and why your business should set it up... today!

GUIDE: If your IT Support Company is always fixing things... It's Time to Switch

1st September 2021

Just fixing technology when it breaks is so 2010.

With the way technology has advanced, the real art in IT Support is preventing issues before they ever happen. This is possible through a combination of enhanced monitoring and an IT Support company who undersrtands your business and its unique needs.

If your IT Support company is always fixing things, it's time to switch. Our September Guide goes into what you need to look out for.

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VIDEO: Plan ahead if you need IT hardware

2nd August 2021

Not many people are aware but there's currently a global chip shortage.

That might not mean much but Chips are used in far more than just computers and phones these days and demand is up due to the pandemic. So, if you are going to need any IT hardware this year you will need to plan ahead!

Our August video covers how you should plan ahead.

GUIDE: 10 Microsoft 365 apps you didn't know you had

1st August 2021

Wouldn't it be great if someone wrote a guide to the best hidden apps in Microsoft 365?

You're in luck because that's what we've done.

Outside of the usual Office apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 gives you so much more that can boost the productivity of your business and even save you some time. Ready to find out more?

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VIDEO: So you tapped a bad link on your phone?

1st July 2021

So you tapped a bad link on your phone?

You're not alone. We see this often. So if you think you've been hacked, what do you need to do?

Our July video tells you what you need to do if you've clicked a suspicious link from your mobile device.

GUIDE: The Biggest Security Threat to Your Business... is on your payroll

1st July 2021

Someone working for you right now is also working alongside some of the world's most successful cyber criminals - whether they know it or not.

It sounds like a plot from a movie, doesn't it? Our July Guide focuses on the weakpoints of your business should you ever be faced with a cyber attack.

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VIDEO: OneDrive to the rescue

1st June 2021

Our June video looks at some of the really cool features that are included with OneDrive.

So many Microsoft 365 users aren't using OneDrive and even more aren't making the most of it.

Watch our video to learn more and contact us should you need any help setting up OneDrive for your business.

GUIDE: The 9 Most Terrifying Types of Malware

1st June 2021

It was so much simpler growing up... You'd borrow a floppy disc from a friend, pop it into your computer and that was the only real chance you'd ever get a virus.

Two big things have changed since then - the internet and greed! Hacking back in the day was a way of 'showing off' rather than to take down entire businesses but now it's entirely different, hacking is a profession... and a very lucrative one. Our June Guide looks at 9 of the most terrifying types of malware.

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VIDEO: Stop leaving your windows open!

1st May 2021

Would you ever leave your house for the day and leave all the doors and windows open?

Of course you wouldn't. But many businesses are doing just that with their IT security.

Our May video gives you some basic tips on how to tighten your IT security.

GUIDE: Crisis: Your office is on fire

1st May 2021

Your office is on fire. Your people are all safe... but now what?

Our May Guide shows the scary stats of what happens to businesses who suffer a severe fire and the steps you need to take should you lose everything in the office - including your important data.

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VIDEO: How to spot a Ransomware Attack

1st April 2021

Cyber criminals often access your systems up to 100 days before an attack, so how do you protect yourself.

Our April video looks at some simple regular checks you can make to spot a potential Ransomware attack before it ever happens.

GUIDE: Cyber Crime: Your 5 step plan to prepare and protect

1st April 2021

The world economy loses more than $1 trillion to cyber-crime every year, a figure that has increased over 50% since 2018.

Our April Guide focuses on the 5 step plan that your business should take to ensure you're prepared and protected.

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