Ever wondered how vulnerable your network is?

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We take security seriously and with attacks on the rise, it's more important than ever to protect your business from cyber criminals.

We're offering any business a free, no obligation Cyber Security Audit, which will test your network and check for any weaknesses.

Hackers are always on the prowl, so it's crucial you protect your business before it's too late.

On the right is what is included with your Free Cyber Security Audit.

  • A local network scan which will check for weak, known and manufacturer default passwords across all your devices
  • An external network scan to show any vulnerable access points for potential hackers and highlight any open ports
  • A full security check of your email addresses to show where it has been potentially shared online along with your password
  • A full security check of your domain to highlight any potential breaches
  • A recommendations report based on the information gathered from the audit
  • Free 'Secure your data' Guide, which gives you tips on how to ensure your business data is safe
  • Free '5 Scams you need to know about' Guide, which will educate your staff on how to spot attacks and prevent them before they happen

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What happens once you've filled out the form? This will be assigned to one of our senior specialists who will book a time slot with you to conduct the audit, which shouldn't take any longer than 15 minutes. We will then produce a report which highlights any vulnerabilites and a list of recommendations based on what we found to secure your business.

Slots are booking up fast and will be given on a first come, first served basis. Secure your spot by filling out the form!

See how easy it is for a hacker to take down your business... from the hacker's perspective

The Benefits of booking your FREE Cyber Security Audit

External Network Scan

Our External Network Scan shows any holes and open ports in your network where hackers can gain access and take your business down. Our report will then allow you to take the next steps to lock down your network efficiently.

Local Network Scan

Our Local Network Scan can show any vulnerabilities on your network and check for weak passwords that hackers typcially use. Our report will show these weaknesses and advise on what you should do.

Full Security Check of your Emails & Domain

This check will crawl the web to find anywhere that your address has been shared or leaked, highlighting any potential data breaches. Our report will advise what to do next for any emails/domains affected.

Free Guides

Our Free Guides, which you will receive instantly upon sign up, will give you an insight into data security and cyber attacks, which you can share with and educate your staff.

Your business is always at risk and you could lose everything within minutes. Take the first step to protecting your business and book your FREE Cyber Security Audit today.