A full list of the benefits of Hosted Desktop with Cloud4... all 60 (sixty) of them.

1. Work from anywhere in the world

Access your desktop, email, files and applications fro anywhere in the world on a range of devices.

You can even access your Hosted Desktop from your smartphone or tablet!

2. Industry leading Citrix Technology

To compliment our leading RDS Hosted Desktop solution, you can opt for a Hosted Desktop built on Citrix technology. 

Citrix ensures you get the absolute maximum from your Hosted Environment and is more flexible for people on the move who need to access the cloud on multiple devices while retaining the same quality user experience.

3. 256-bit Encryption (AES)

Security is no joke in today's climate! All our Hosted Desktops are protected with 256-bit AES encryption to give you the peace of mind that your business and its data are safe and sound. 

4. Hosted in state of the art Datacentres

The Hosted Desktop solution is housed and replicated across 3 UK Datacentres. Two of those datacentres are Tier 3 facilities with an NSI Gold Approved, BS5979 certified control room, whilst the third datacentre is a Tier 2 facility as a backup environment. 

5. Hosted exclusively in the UK

Rest assured that your data will never, ever leave the UK. Your solution and data are hosted exclusively in 3 UK datacentres and absolutely nowhere else.


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6. 100GB Hosted Exchange Mailbox 

We include Microsoft Hosted Exchange as part of our Hosted Desktop packages. This is hosted and managed by us in all of the same datacentres as the Hosted Desktop solution. Our mailboxes include a huge 100GB storage limit, permanent email archiving, spam & virus firewall, unlimited domains & aliases plus much more.

7. Always have the latest version of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is included as part of our Hosted Deskop packages. When Microsoft release new versions of Office, you can upgrade at absolutely no cost. Multiple versions of Office will always be made available based on client requirements.

8. Full Daily Backups Included

Everything that is stored in the Hosted Desktop, from your files to applications is backed up every single day for the ultimate peace of mind. Backups run every hour and each backup is kept for 365 days as standard. All backups are exclusively stored and replicated in our datacentres.

9. Application Server Included

An Application Server is included when building your hosted environment to host any software that needs to be shared amongst the organisation (we'll manage the install and setup for you!).

10. Windows Operating System

All our Hosted Desktops are deployed with a Windows interface so you'll be able to start work straightaway in a familiar environment. As with Office and Exchange, when new versions are made available by Microsoft you will have the option to upgrade at no charge.


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11. Webroot Protection Included

Webroot is installed on every single Hosted Desktop we build as standard. Webroot is a protection tool that stops any potential threats in real-time. Trusted by top network and security vendors, like Cisco, Citrix, F5, and more, Webroot uses context and reputations to stop never-before-seen threats before the competition knows they're there.

12. Gain Flexibility

Hosted Desktop is a cost per user, per month model, giving you the ability to scale users up or down as quickly as you need to without the stress.

13. Cost Savings

Using a Hosted Desktop can show a significant cost saving on your IT. By moving your business into the cloud, you'll never need to buy another server again. Users can use their own devices and you can get the most out of the kit you already own as once you're logged into the Hosted Desktop, you'll be using the resources of our DC rather than the local machine.

14. Predictable Costs

Unlike having your server onsite - where things can go wrong - Hosted Desktop is a simple subscription which gives you a clear visibility of your IT spend and allows you to plan more effectively. 

15. 24/7 UK Support

Our Hosted Desktop solution is supported around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. We operate under a 2 working hour SLA during the hours 9am-5:30pm and on a case-by-case basis out of hours. Rest assured that any issues deemed urgent will be dealt with by our on-call engineers at any time of the day (or night!).


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16. 99.9% Actual Uptime

We don't predict uptimes. Our Hosted Desktop solution has achieved a 99.9% uptime over the last 10 years. Times have changed, our technology has improved, we've even moved datacentres but our uptime remains the same.

17. Around the clock monitoring

Our system moniroting is second to none. One of the main reasons Hosted Desktop uptime is 99.9% is that we have the visibility to fix any potential problems before they actually occur. Monitoring is constant with ping alerts being fed into our engineers. Clients can also request monitoring reports for their own individual envrionments.

18. Fully managed setup & migration

You don't need to worry about a thing if you decide you want to migrate to Cloud4's Hosted Desktop. We will deal with the full build of the environment and migration of any data/applications - regardless of what you're currently using. We will agree a plan that suits you and then you can sit back whilst our engineers do the rest! You will have a direct point of contact should you have any questions.

19. Lightning Fast Speeds

Our Hosted Desktops utilise the mega fast speeds of the datacentres that they're hosted in rather than relying on your local device. 

20. Risk Free

We're sure you'll love our Hosted Desktop. In fact, we're that confident we give all new clients a 30 day breakout clause meaning that if you don't think the solution is right for you in your first month you can migrate away - no strings attached.

Nobody has left us yet!

Limited Time: Get your first month FREE

For a limited time, we're offering all new customers their first month's subscription absolutely free! To secure your free month, even if you're not quite ready to move, register your interest using the button below. 


21. GDPR Compliant

Cloud4 and our Hosted Desktop solution is fully GDPR compliant with robust, industry-leading security included as standard.

22. A choice of solutions

Unlike other providers, we give you a choice of solutions and help you decide which is the best one for you. RDS and Citrix are the two leading technologies for Hosted Desktop globally.

Regardless of which technology you choose, we will build your environment completely tailored from scratch.

23. Dedicated Account Manager

From the second you sign up you will be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager who will be there for absolutely anything you need. We'll make sure you're looked after.

24. Dedicated Migration Manager

As well as having a Dedicated Account Manager (who will be with you throughout your Cloud4 journey), you will also be assigned a Dedicated Migration Manager who will oversee your setup and provide updates along the way. During the setup & migration, you can speak to your Dedicated Account Manager or Dedicated Migration Manager or if you prefer, both at the same time!

25. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Without the need for onsite servers, you're automatically reducing your carbon footprint and in turn, helping the environment.


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26. Reduce your Electricity bills

When moving from an onsite environment to a hosted solution, you can expect to see big savings on your elecricity bills. Some of our bigger clients have seen savings of up to 50% on their electricity bills - if you have multiple servers running 24/7, you could see a huge cost saving.

27. BYOD - Bring your own device

Every user's Hosted Desktop can be accessed securely anywhere from any device, allowing you to encourage staff to bring their own device into work. It's been shown that employees are likely to increase productivity when they are using a familiar device.

28. ICO Certified Data Controller

Cloud4 are a certified ICO Data Controller and have been since 2012. Your data is in very safe hands.

You can see our certification on the ICO website here.

29. Certified Microsoft Silver Partner

As a Certified Microsoft Silver Partner, Cloud4 have higher levels of access to Microsoft support and pricing meaning we can escalate Microsoft related issues quickly where needed and provide great pricing across our Microsoft services. website here.

30. Cyber Essentials Certified

IT Security is at the forefront of everything we do. Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme to demonstrate the importance of cyber security. Cloud4 has been certified since its introduction in 2014.


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31. Simple pricing - No hidden add-ons

We include everything you need in a single package price per user which makes it nice and easy for both of us. Unlike other providers, we give you a clear price based on your requirements with absolutely no hidden costs. we.bsite here.

32. Reporting


33. Completely Tailored for you

We understand that every organisation is different.

We build your hosted environment uniquely to meet your exact requirements. We work closely with you during the setup process and beyond to make sure we get everything exactly as it should be.bsite here.

34. Huge Storage Included

All of our Hosted Desktop plans include a huge amount of storage for every user. Out of the thousands of users on our platform, very few require additional storage but if you do need a little extra than the plan allows, just give us a shout!

35. Install your own applications

We currently host over 1,000 bespoke applications for our clients. Typically, if your software can be installed on a local PC there is a 99.9% chance that it will work with our Hosted Desktop solution. If you're unsure, as always, please just let us know and we'll check it out for you.


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36. Unlimited Bandwidth

Can you believe that some providers charge extra for bandwidth!? We can't.

We offer Unlimited Bandwidth for every single user on our platform.

37. Financially Backed SLA

We're that confident in our service, support and SLA that if we drop below the high standards we promise we will compensate you financially.  

38. Custom Shared Drives

As part of your tailored setup, we will create custom shared drives exactly as you want them laid out. If you want a drive just for Finance files with only the Finance team to have access, we can get that setup for you.

39. Custom Permissions

You have full control of who has access to everything across the entire hosted enronment. Let us know the permissions you want to roll out and we can do this as part of the setup. You can make changes to this at any point by simply logging a ticket with the Tech Team.

40. No Downtime

Our team will plan your setup & migration carefully to ensure you can continue working in your current environment until your new Hosted Desktop is ready to go.

We will work alongside you throughout the setup and ensure the transition is seamless.


You have absolutely no reason to worry but we understand moving solutions can seem daunting. Check out the process by clicking the button below or give us a call on 0161 850 1264 to discuss your options.

41. One of the first UK Hosted Desktop providers

Back in 2009, Cloud4 were one of the first providers in the UK to take Hosted Desktop to market so we know a thing or two about it!

Since then our technlogy has advanced and our Hosted Desktop solution is better than ever and in our humble opinion, the best on the market,

42. Software Updates Included

Our team look after all of the necessary patches and updates for your software and applications. 

This is included as part of our standard support saving you time and making sure you're up to date across the board.

43. Install your own printers & scanners

It should go without saying but some cloud solutions don't support the installation of your printers and scanners

Rest assured, you can install your own printers and scanners on our Hosted Desktop solution with ease.

44. Your own Dedicated Environment

When we build your Hosted Environment, we give you your own dedicated space and resource for ultimate security and performance.

45. Full Admin Access 

We can grant you full admin access to your environment which allows you to make changes and install your own software and applications.

Of course if you prefer us to do this for you, you can simply log a ticket and our Tech Team who will do this for you as part of our standard support.


Take a look at the plans available and pick the one which suits you best.

46. Local Support available

When moving to a Hosted Desktop solution, the majority of your IT support is covered as standard. For anything else outside of the environment such as PC's, printers and your network - our team are here to make sure you're covered, wherever you are in the world. 

Support for your local equipment and network is included in our Gold plan meaning that you're covered from all angles.

47. No long-term contracts

We don't tie you into long-term contracts. As well as offering you a 30 day breakout clause at the begining, we promise not to tie you in for anything longer than 12 months - which is our absolute maximum contract length.

Rolling monthly contracts are also available.

48. 2 working hour SLA

All Support Tickets are dealt with under our 2 working hour SLA meaning that you will get a response and potetially a resolution to your query within 2 working hours max.

More urgent issues are prioritised and will receive a faster response.

49. Available from just 1 user

No matter how many users you have, we can provide a plan for you. We have large corporates using our Hosted Desktop solution and we have one user business just starting out on their journey.

 If you have a need for Hosted Desktop, we've got you covered.

50. Active Directory Management 

Active Directory is included with your hosted enviornment allowing you to roll out permissions and settings across your plaform.

We can manage and make changes to the Active Directory on your behalf whenever you need us to.


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51. In-house Data Protection Officer

We take security seriously. We even have an in-house Data Protection Officer who is here to ensure your data is safe and secure and that we as a company strive to meet industry requirements.

As a client of Cloud4, our DPO is happy to answer any questions you may have.

52. Exclusive discounts for Charties & Education

If you're a Charity, non-profit organisation or an Education Establishment, you qualify for significant, exclusive discounts on our Hosted Desktop solution. 

53. Price Match

We're confident that there is no better solution or better value for money solution out there.

With that in mind - we'd be more than happy to price match any like-for-like quote you have.

54. Global Presence

Our Hosted Desktop solution is exclusively hosted and supported in the UK but we have clients in over 20 countries.

No matter where you are in the world you can enjoy the benefits of a Hosted Desktop with Cloud4.

55. Return on Investment 

By moving to a Hosted Desktop solution, you'll immedietely see a return on your investment. The cost of your Server and maintaining it will dissapear straight away - as well as an ongoing reducation in costs of electricity, new equipment, licensing and IT Support.

The speed and and ability to access your Desktop from anywhere means productivity will see a sharp increase too as well as giving your staff the flexibility to work from anywhere.

56. Replication

Our Hosted Desktop solution is exclusively hosted and supported in the UK but we have clients in over 20 countries.

No matter where you are in the world you can enjoy the benefits of a Hosted Desktop with Cloud4.

57. Join thousands of our happy clients

We currently support thousands of happy users across the globe.

You can see what our customers say about us on these independent plaforms here;, TrustPilot, Serchen & CloudTango.

58. Human Touch

Dealing with IT companies in this day and age can be a hassle. Complex IVR's, waiting on hold - some don't even have a phone number!

We're real people that you can pick up the phone and speak to within a couple of rings for whatever you need!

59. Your one-stop shop for anything IT related

We don't just provide Hosted Desktop. We can supply a wide-range of IT services, products and hardware. From the Broadband line you access your Hosted Desktop on to the keyboard you use to type on it.

We can provide you with extremely competitive pricing on any IT hardware thanks to our extensive links to distribution.

60. Future Proof

By using a Hosted Desktop with Cloud4, you automatically future-proof your organisation.

With Windows Server updates, Microsoft Office & Exchange updates you never need to worry about renewing licenses or buying a new server ever again.